Instant Legal Pages Software

Date of launch:
Tuesday 12th August
2014, 11:00 AM EST

Hello and welcome to my new JV launch with Alex Albert!
We will launch “Instant Legal Pages Software”, the easiest solution for creating 9 legal documents:
  1. Privacy policy
  2. Terms of use
  3. DMCA
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Copyright notice
  6. Anti-spam policy
  7. FTC compliance
  8. Social media disclosure
  9. Refund policy
You can create these documents in less than 1 minute, by inserting your company details. It’s so simple that even a children can complete the 3 steps.

Nowadays there are companies and visitors surfing the web just to get money by "legally" stealing them to websites that don’t have any legal document on-board. And once you get fined, it’s too late and there’s nothing you can do. Your entire company is at risk.

So that’s why we created this software, that runs on Windows, and on Mac (with Windows emulator).

At the end you get a simple code to copy and paste over your Wordpress blog, HTML sites, and a lot of other online resources supporting html language.

We sell a developer’s license starting from $10, and a white label resell rights license at $37.

Promotion Angles: Internet Marketing, Blogging, Site Building, Site Flipping, Legal, Software, Cheap Software.

Thanks for your time, and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni




TITLE: Protect Your Business With This Awesome Software!
TITLE: Protect Your Business With The Legal Pages Software!
TITLE: Create 9 Legal Documents For Your Sites In a Minute!


Do you know how privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer and more are important for your business? If FTC finds you without these documents, you risk getting sued, and you will be constricted to pay lots and lots of money, while putting your entire business and earnings at a big risk.

With "Instant Legal Pages Software" you can create privacy policy, terms of use, DMCA, disclaimer, copyright notice, anti-spam policy, FTC compliance, social media disclosure and refund policy in 1 minute, and add them automatically to your site or blog via a line of code.

This is by the way the easiest and cheapest legal documents software I've ever found online! It takes care of your business and protects you against all the troubles connected with missing legal docs.

If you are fast, you can grab it for a low price, and it’s available in developer’s version (priced like a single site version) and the resell rights version, really huge.

Go for it, don’t wait a second!

[Link here]

Thanks so much, see you soon on the inside!
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Thanks so much for your help, and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni & Alex Albert